I am working on a web based Bible searching query.  So far I am able to

SELECT * FROM `bible_verses` INNER JOIN `bible_books` ON
`bible_books`.`id` = `bible_verses`.`b` WHERE `t` IN ( 'Lord' ,
'Jesus' ) LIMIT 0 , 10

Is an "IN" the correct syntax to use?

I am trying to take what the user types in (variable is $keyword_search)
and allow a search where if the same 2 or 3 words are in the verse of
the Bible that verse would be a match, but not necessarily be beside
each other.

$keyword_search_string  = str_replace(" ", "' , '", $keyword_search);
$query .= "IN ( '" . $keyword_search_string . "' ) ";

How do I do this correctly?


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