Your first problem is that your question is so general and vague, nobody
wants to try and guess at what you are talking about.

Not only that, but you are throwing out some theoretical ideas about 3rd
party interfaces that, IMO, aren't on topic for this mailing list.

If you have a PHP + Database specific question, this is your list.  General
application development questions are not really on point.

On Fri, 23 Jan 2009, Abah Joseph wrote:

Well, I have asked this question before but it seems people don`t understood
me, my intension is to have a second login option like, user may choose to
login with they facebook/myspace/etc id or the local id (my site) on my
site, I want a situation whereby anyone can choose to register or use
an existing social network id and password to login, so I am thinking of
using facebook, but i don`t really understand something about facebook
application, the application always, first go to facebook then redirect back
to the site (callback url), I want all this process done under the hood.

Can someone give me another idea? I will just love any simple idea that will

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