Hello there, yeah I'm new to this list and I'm no professional, but I'm
sure something can be done to help you.  And welcome to the world of PHP
and MySQL... bring paracetamol :)

Okay when you say you've installed WAMP, you are installing Windows,
Apache, MySQL and PHP on your web server (be it localhost or other).  So
if you have installed WAMP, there's no need for Apache... it's already

There's a couple of reasons why you might not be able to see anything in
your browser.  The most simple answer here is that your php program may
only be connecting to the MySQL database and running queries (to create
a table or whatever) in there.  If your code doesn't tell the screen to
output anything then it will run the queries and display a blank page.
The best thing to do here is to write some code before and after the
MySQL connection/query.  So just put a simple echo above and below the
code, something like:

//put this before the connection
echo 'Works fine before the connection';  

//put this after the connection
echo 'Connection worked fine with no errors';

Now if neither of these lines appears in your browser, chances are
there's an error somewhere in your code.  You should look at enabling
errors in your php.ini file (google it!).  If one of the lines appears,
then there's a problem with MySQL or the way you have connected/queried
to it.  If both the lines appear then check your database, chances are
the query has been run and you just don't know it yet.

If this is a little off the mark for you then I apologise in advance.
Maybe send us your code example and we/I can have a look at it?  Maybe
even send your php.ini file in and we can see if MySQL is supported by
default, make sure errors are enabled etc.

hope this helps! :)

On Fri, 2009-01-23 at 13:20 -0500, Sashikanth Gurram wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I have installed WAMP server on my PC. Then I have installed the MySQL 
> and PHP software by downloading them from the site. The PHP programs I 
> have written used to work fine but when I tried to connect to the MySQL 
> database or create a new database using the PHP programming nothing 
> happens in the browser. I do not know what happened. After several 
> attempts I finally uninstalled the MySQL and PHP programs and then when 
> I tried to connect to the MySQL usin PHP it worked fine I do not know 
> the reason for this. Can anyone tell me what the reason is?
> Further more I would like to install PHP and MySQL along with a server 
> like APACHE. But I do not know where to download the APACHE server from. 
> Also When I install PHP and MySQL how do I link PHP and MySQL so that 
> they work in tandem.
> Would be great if anyone can clear these doubts. I know that these are 
> very basic questions but I am a starter.
> Thanks,
> Sashi

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