John Burns wrote:
I'm using Windows 2003, IIS and PHP 4.4.4 with MySQL 4.1. I had this
same setup on a server that got corrupted by a virus. I can't use any
of the files from the old setup so I'm trying to reinstall the same
versions. However, I can't find a php_mysql.dll file that will work.
All of the zip packages I download from don't have the
php_mysql.dll file in the extensions folder. They have everything else
but that. Am I missing something? Please help if you have any idea.
The one php_mysql.dll file I did find and dropped in gives me the
following error:

Unable to initialize module Module compiled with module API=20050922,
debug=0, thread-safety=1 PHP compiled with module API=20020429,
debug=0, thread-safety=1 These options need to match in Unknown on
line 0

As you found out, you can't do that - they need to come from the same release.

Try here:

Grab the 4.4.4 windows zipfile and that should have all of the extensions you need.

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