Terion Miller wrote:
Hi all, I seem to be having a problem with getting two fields to insert into
a table, the other fields insert but not these two
its from a form that is a duplicate, basically I have a workorder that I
want to make a copy of, I call it from the db, populate a form in case
changes want to be made, and insert with a new unique ID as a new record,
it's working great except Two fields will NOT insert and I'm at a loss for
why ...
the code is big so I will post snippets that I think may be the trouble

Here is the insert:
    $sql = "INSERT INTO workorders (CreatedDate, Location, WorkOrderName,
AdminID, FormName, Status, Notes) VALUES (";
    $sql .= "Now(), '$Location', '$WorkOrderName', '$AdminID', 'WorkOrder',
'New Order', '$Notes')";
    $WorkOrderID = mysql_insert_id();

My immediate guess is either a single quote or a new line is causing the problem.

You need to escape your data (use mysql_real_escape_string).

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