Sashikanth Gurram wrote:
Dear All,

I am trying to store the location of a image into MySQL database, so that I can call it back from PHP to display it in a browser. For this purpose, I have created a table with two columns (BuildingCode, Location), where building is the primary key and location is the location where my picture is stored on my PC. My image is stored at /C:\Users\Sashikanth\Desktop\burruss.jpg/ on my PC.
The following table is an output from MySQL.
| BuildingCode | Location |
| 176                 | c:/users/sashikanth/desktop/burruss.jpg   |

Considering my original Image Location on my PC, will the above table be of any help if I try to retrieve the image using PHP? Is there any mistake in what I have done till now? I know that this may be a very basic question and i have searched through the internet quite extensively but could not find a solid answer. Would appreciate it greatly if anyone can help.

Don't store the full path to the image, just store the relative path.

If you move your app to a new folder, then you have to go through and update all database records to point to the new path.

If you store the relative path, you can set a config variable (or work it out yourself), and add the relative path to the end.

So in your config:

$cfg['folder_name'] = 'c:/apps/my_app_name/';

in the db location will be 'images/image.jpg';

Put the two together to get the full path:

$image_path = $cfg['folder_name'] . $db['location'];

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