Hi there,

I'm having some serious problems with the PHP Data Object functions. I'm trying to loop through a sizeable result set (~60k rows, ~1gig) using a buffered query to avoid fetching the whole set.

No matter what I do, the script just hangs on the PDO::query() - it seems the query is running unbuffered (why else would the change in result set size 'fix' the issue?). Here is my code to reproduce the problem:

$Database = new PDO(

$rQuery = $Database->query('SELECT id FROM mytable');

// This is never reached because the result set is too large
echo 'Made it through.';

foreach($rQuery as $aRow) {

If I limit the query with some reasonable number, it works fine:

$rQuery = $Database->query('SELECT id FROM mytable LIMIT 10');

I have tried playing with PDO::MYSQL_ATTR_MAX_BUFFER_SIZE and using the PDO::prepare() and PDO::execute() as well (though there are no parameters in the above query), both to no avail.

Any help would be appreciated,


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