Hello All:

I'm trying to see how Web Edition databases are being used in your company
for PHP-driven web-apps.  Our strategy team thought that free and community
editions would be dominant, but we interviewed Zend Framework developers
using Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and it looks
like--surprise--that each vendors' market share is about the same as in the
broad commercial market.

We think this means that you--the PHP developer community--aren't actually
using the lightweight Web/Express Edition for your corporate web-app
deployment, and instead are building out on the licenses for databases your
company is already running.

Is the Express/Community/Web Edition important for you at work? Is it a
critical sandboxing step for you? Do you run it live for internal

Answering these 10 multiple choice questions--should take about 90
seconds--will help us understand what databases you need in your
professional life, and how to deliver them to you.

Happy cooking, and thanks!


Stan Stadelman
(925) 336-6473

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