Hello again Sashi

The answer provided by Mushin won't work because images are not
acessible from the outside. You can't have

<img src="C:\Users\Sashikanth\Desktop\Bldgs_lots\Burruss.jpg" ...>

because that's not a valid URL...

You can have something like

<img src="Bldgs_lots/Burruss.jpg" ...>

which when interpreted by the browser will become something like


Now, for this to happen you need to have Bldgs_lots as a subfolder or
alias for your site.

Otherwise, there is the way I mentioned in the first place, involving a
php script just to get the image, which has to be called from within
your script, passing it the info from the database

echo '<img src="picture.php?&img=' . $location . '" border="1" height="150" 
alt="' . $build . '">';

Now, I don't recommend passing local paths like this to scripts ...

Hope this helps
C ya

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