Should be simple enough... Do you have the mysqli driver enabled in your
php.ini file?


should become




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Praveen's MailHi List,

I am new to PHP and as well as with MySQL, 

  a.. I have installed PHP 5.28, on win 2K  (with IIS) and it is installed
properly I suppose, as when I call phpinfo (), through a script, it shows the
PHP Information. 
  b.. then I installed MySQL 5.1.30, and through MySQL command prompt I am 
able to do things (creating tables, making queries etc). 
  c.. Now I want to use MySQL with PHP, but seems that MySQLI is not installed
properly. as when I write a following script in a php page I get the error,
that 'MySQLi' is not installed properly,.
          $si = function_exists ( 'mysqli_connect' ) ;
          if ( $si )
              echo ' MySQLi appears to be installed correctly ' ;
              echo 'MySQLi <B> does not </B> appears to be installed. ' ;

I understand that it is a configuration error somewhere, as I am new here in
this world I am unable to figure out what ?

I am attaching the php.ini for the reference.

Praveen K. 

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