Look what extensions are you loading. You should find that in php.ini file. Maybe something nasty happened and you php.ini has extension=php_oracle.dll instead of extension=php_oracle.so. Also, if you are about to compile a module for PHP, first you have to run phpize, than ./configure and make ;)

Fred Silsbee napsal(a):
For months I've had a Oracle 11g1 browser based table access site/program 

I do regular Fedora 9 yum updates and have seen some pecl/pear stuff whizzing 

Just tried the Oracle 11g1 browser based table access site/program and NOTHING 
shows on the Firefox 3.0.10 screen. Not even an error.

/etc/httpd/logs/error_log says something about "cannot open php_oracle.dll or 

That is good...there isn't any dll on Linux.

Proble: downloaded oci8-1.3.5 and the README file says to run ./configure but 
there are 2 files config.m4 and config.w32

nothing in this README file works...is it up to date?


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