Bastien Koert wrote:
On Mon, Jul 13, 2009 at 1:33 PM, Patrick Moloney<> wrote:
Bastien Koert wrote:
On Mon, Jul 13, 2009 at 11:52 AM, Patrick Moloney<>
I've had no success trying to execute any stored procedure from php.
I'm just trying to follow the example for multi-query in the php manual,
have tried an example from I have one input and one
output parameter. I've simplified the stored procedure to always output
value from one record, regardless of the value passed in.
The SP works in Mysql. Just cant run it from php. It returns False.
I look at the query log in mysql and it calls the stored procedure, and
shows the input value and output variable. No further information. I'm
familiar with that log so I don't know what it should look like.
The only thing I see looks like a brief reference to UTC8 - but I don't
think I am (intentionally) using that anywhere. I get no other error back
logged. I'm using root as the user, which is the only defined user.
this work, or are stored procedures not working well?

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Can you show the php code?

Below is the relevant code. The database connection is established, but the
query call returns False. The call is recorded in the mysql query log. No
error there or returned, but just False. Proc works in mysql and  ignores
the value of the input parameter and returns 1 string. But I can't get it to
do that from php.

   @$db = new mysqli('localhost', 'root', 'password', 'Sales');
   if (mysqli_connect_errno())
   { echo 'Error: could not connect to database. ';

   $brandrequest = 'x';
   $res = $db->multi_query( "CALL myproc($brandrequest, ModelID); "  );
   if (!$res ) {
     echo 'No Listings were found for this request.';
     echo mysql_error();

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Is the multi_query call the correct one?

I did work with mysqli_multi_query also. The documentation seemed to confuse the two. The only examples were like I have above.

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