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> The problem I have always had with the PHP Manual (online) has been the lack
> of complete examples.  Yes, there are examples of how to use each function.
> But functions such as the MySQL related ones require multiple steps to get
> to a point where anything works.  There are  at least two steps to get any
> database function to work 1)connect to database 2)select connected database.
>  Until these two things are correct, none of the other functions will work
> because you do not have a database to work on.

    This is a continuous process, and one of which we're definitely
aware.  For now, you can get more information and examples from the
user notes at the bottom of each page, but we are working on official
examples as well.  For some things, however, full examples will not be
provided, as it would be out of the scope of the individual function's
manual entry.  In such events, the official documentation is a good
reference, but not a substitute for learning on your own and from

    That said, we are *always* looking for people who would be serious
about providing long-term assistance to the PHP Project, including the
official documentation.  If you're interested in learning how to do
so, get in touch with me off-list at danbr...@php.net and I'll be
happy to point you in the right direction.

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