On 2009-07-30, Chris <dmag...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Marcin Debowski wrote:
>> Yes, but I daubt phpmyadmin is the culprit - a dedicated web interface I 
>> have written for the database has exactly the same problem. This 
>> interface works fast under the old version of php-/mysql and slow under 
>> the new one. The php code is the same.
> Can you run it on the same server as a test? That will rule out whether 
> it's network related at least.

Mysql and apache are on the same physical server but it connects via

> Or do you have a cli script you can run to do the same thing?

I just tried to connect via the socket and I am not sure if this helped 
- seems slightly better but this could be sheer effect of the different 
connection route. I will try to run some more quantitative tests.


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