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I am needing help changing this code so the result of the mySQL query will display in two columns with the CSS tags around it. The number of records being displayed is based on the mySQL query and will increase as more poetry is added to the site.

echo "<div class=\"poetry_lists_container\">\r\n";
echo "<ul class=\"lists\">\r\n";

while ( $i < $number_of_records ) {
echo "<li><a href=\"http://www.the-lords-haven-online.info/ poetry/" . stripslashes(mysql_result($poems_result, $i,"pieces.reference")) . "/\">" . stripslashes(mysql_result ($poems_result,$i,"pieces.title_of_piece")) . "</a></li>\r\n";

echo "</ul>\r\n";
echo "</div>\r\n"

Divide the total number of rows in 2 and create a second div when the halfway point is reached


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