what is the client email filter looking for to classify this as spam??
1. Mail from GMAIL? Bit rough considering the number of valid users
2. subject "Test mail" ? if so change subject to something more business
3. message "Hello! This is a simple email message"? I do not think so

Most likely culprit is number 2.

Jack van Zanen

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2009/9/12 nagendra prasad <nagendra802...@gmail.com>

> Exactly, the mail-client filter is actively working for such mail. But when
> I researched on Google I have found that to send an email using PHP we at
> lest need a mail server domain. Also we have to set SMTP to send email to
> inbox otherwise every mail-client will filter it and send it to SPAM
> folder.
> Also, I am using WAMP to use all these codes so right now I don't have an
> email server domain or something like that. Is their a way to set my PHP
> ini
> file to use my Gmail SMTP and PORT settings so that I can at lest send
> emails directly to inbox and later I will change it to some other email
> client.
> Thanks for the quick response :)

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