bu...@alejandro.ceballos.info wrote:
I am using some expressions to load the value of a parameter when called, independently if used GET or POST method, using something like:

$mydata = (isset($_GET["mydata"])) ? $_GET["mydata"] : (isset($_POST["mydata"])) ? $_POST["mydata"] : 0;
  echo $mydata;

The problem occurs with above code if I call it like: thispage.php?mydata=something , the answer is null (not even '0').

You probably need extra ()'s around the post check:

$mydata = (isset($_GET["mydata"])) ? $_GET["mydata"] : ((isset($_POST["mydata"])) ? $_POST["mydata"] : 0);

Though that's hard to read - I'd suggest going back to basics because when you revisit this code in a few months time, are you going to understand it?

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