Hi All,

I am sorry to confuse you all. This is not a job! Anyone who is or want to
work with me as a partners are invited. But here let me clear a point that I
am not asking or going to ask any money like any other mails you get time to
time. Anyone who wants to take technical challenges and work with me on my
project are most welcome. If you still didn't get my point then let me give
an example, I want to start a business with more people just like "Lary &
Sergay" started their own business like 'Google'. I hope I made my point
clear. OK the example is giving you a kind of high expectations but this is
the only example right now in my mind. Pardon me if I was a little rude in
my mail. I didn't intend to hurt anyone and I never do that. Below are the
criteria which I would like to see in my partner:

1. Person should know PHP-MYSQL (OK this is a basics requirement)

2. Person should know how to work with technical issues even if you have no
idea about it.

3. Person should able to think about big picture or person can able to think
out of the box.

4. Last but not the least I would prefer if you live in *Hyderabad*.

*You can mail back me for any other queries or call me at: 9949817253.*


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