Zeth Lietzau wrote:
Hi all,

I've developed a web site where users complete a web form which pushes their
data into a MySQL database. At the back end they can run reports of their
input from this database. At the high end, users enter input into the form a
few hundred times a day. Our site has about 99% uptime, but users have been
asking for the development of a local version for them to use during the 1%
downtime. Basically, I need to recreate the form so that upon submission is
writes the data to a file on the users machine, which can then be uploaded
to the site when it's back up. Does anyone have any resources that I could
use to get started with this?

You can't write to the local machine without using activex or a java applet (maybe flash or silverlight will allow it as well, not sure). Your browser won't allow it.

Even if you could, your form is still on your webserver - which is unavailable anyway.

You can write to the web server filesystem and then have that file for download, but that still requires the website working.

I don't have any suggestions about how to get around those, all I can think of is the client either installs it locally on their desktop (using WAMP if they are on windows for easy apache/php/mysql installs) or provide a version they can run on one of their own servers in-house.

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