Now that Oracle Database 11.2 has been released
we'd like to make some enhancements to PHP OCI8 for PHP 5.3.2 & PHP 6:

1. Allow the oci_set_prefetch() count to be 0, i.e. just fetch/buffer
   one row at a time and don't prefetch any extra rows.  Passing REF
   CURSORS back and forth between PL/SQL and PHP is one case where you
   might not want any extra rows prefetched.

2. Add a few oci_set_* functions to set database "attributes"
   including the new EDITION (useful for application upgrading,,
   and a few "APPINFO"-style settings (very useful for tracing &

Send me any comments or questions.  PHP OCI8 remains open source and
contributions from the community are welcome.



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