Hi !

I'm new on this mailling list, so i don't realy know if you know the
response and if it is realy here that I have to ask my question :-)

I'm working with PostgreSQL (8.3 form sources) and PDO (PHP 5.2.10 from
sources). In a Postgres function, I have a "RAISE NOTICE" command. My
function works like that in console:

=> SELECT * FROM public.test_info();
NOTICE: An information...

(1 line)

There's a NOTICE, like I want ! :-) But, when i'm using PDO, I don't
know how I can get this NOTICE, which will provide me some informations
about the usage of the function.

$sql = new PDO('...');

$stat = $sql->query('SELECT * FROM public.test_info()');

object(PDOStatement)#4 (1) {
  string(34) "SELECT * FROM public.test_info()"

Is there someone who know how I can get that ? I read some thinks about
that and pg_last_notice may returns the NOTICE, but with PDO ?

Thanks !
Samuel (French).

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