Hi !

I'm reading the source of PDO PostgreSQL driver and i see that there's
an empty function, _pdo_pgsql_notice, which is very interesting ! I
think that it is used when PostgreSQL throw Notices.
But, nothing is done...

I want to know if somebody know why the content of the function is

static void _pdo_pgsql_notice(pdo_dbh_t *dbh, const char *message) /*
{{{ */
/*      pdo_pgsql_db_handle *H = (pdo_pgsql_db_handle *)dbh->driver_data; */

(line 98 of /etc/pdo_pgsql/pgsql_driver.c - PHP 5.2 - r272374)

How can I store the content of "message" into a field of the
PDOStatement ? I view that there's only a "pdo_dbh_t" param, I may just
store this message into a field of the PDO class ?

Thanks in advance.

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