Vinay Kannan wrote:

I've been programming on PHP for almost a year now, many examples that I've
gone through or some of the reference books that I've read and many websites
which show examples of PHP pgramming seem to be using PEAR package, and I've
never used PEAR or any other Package, I was wondering whats the advantage of
using PEAR instead of the using PHP directly in the code or maybe even
creating our own functions in PHP.

Pear is reusable code and a package has been tested with a variety of websites using it. They have documentation, it's clear and concise. Most of the time they will also handle errors you haven't thought of (because a package has been tested so much). They are also designed to run on any system and have no hardcoded assumptions.

They also have quality control measures in place so packages have to live up to a high standard to be included.

Check out the list of packages available:

The only package that should replicate php functions is the 'PHP_Compat' package to provide older php versions with new functions.

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