pear  supports lots of strong classes for you .
for example , pear  mdb2 class can connect to and work with several
different types of databases easily, as same as pecl pdo extension.
but i prefer writing class myself (some simple classes), it is very
interesting !


> I've been programming on PHP for almost a year now, many examples that I've
> gone through or some of the reference books that I've read and many
> websites
> which show examples of PHP pgramming seem to be using PEAR package, and
> I've
> never used PEAR or any other Package, I was wondering whats the advantage
> of
> using PEAR instead of the using PHP directly in the code or maybe even
> creating our own functions in PHP.
> I am really confused about this now, earlier I used to neglect these
> things,
> but now I curious and getting a little impatient coz I am starting some
> work
> on a project for myself, and I would want to keep changing the code all the
> time.
> Can someone guide me on this please?
> Thanks,
> Vinay Kannan.

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