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Hi Giff,

No worries - I know the feeling well!

At first glance this looks OK, however I notice that there is no "res" property defined in the STH class, like there is session and query.

$this->res on line 202 is what's causing the issue - PHP is saying it's not a valid PostgreSQL result resource, so if you trace back to where that comes from, you get to line 175:

$this->res = @pg_execute($this->session, $query);

PHP is therefore trying to assign a query result to a property that doesn't exist. I would have expected PHP to throw an error at this but it may have been obscured with your logging settings, I'm not sure.

Close - the '@' before pg_execute is hiding the notice/warning.

I'd say check your database username/password are correct.

$this->session is probably not a postgres resource.

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