I have found the concept I am looking for on the mySQL web site:

SELECT MATCH('Content') AGAINST ('keyword1 keyword2') as Relevance FROM
table WHERE MATCH ('Content') AGAINST('+keyword1 +keyword2' IN BOOLEAN
MODE) HAVING Relevance > 0.2 ORDER BY Relevance DESC

I don't know how to apply this to the 3 fields in the data I want to
search with the users search string ( product_name ,
product_description , keywords )  The search string in the form is

Could someone show me how to make this work with what I have described


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I am writing a search function.  Is there a way to enhance this query so
it will display the best matches first down to the least matches?  As
well I don't know how to handle if the user types in more than 1 word to

SELECT * FROM `store_product_profile` WHERE `product_name` LIKE '%
$search_string%' AND `product_description` LIKE '%$search_string%' AND
`keywords` LIKE '%$search_string%'


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