I got around this by creating a database wrapper class which gets passed the credentials from the app's config file. An instance of the class is created and saved in the session, and every query to the database runs through the class's Query() wrapper method which checks if the connection is alive and valid - if it isn't, it reconnects it before running the query.


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How do I make an Object persistant for the duration of a Session?
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Niel Archer wrote:
I'm maintaining a session.  I successfully connect to a database
= mysql_connect()).  I save the connection resource in a session
($_SESSION['connection'] = $DBConnect) ... to use in subsequent
queries.  It
remains valid while the user is on the current page.
print_r($_SESSION['connection']) yields 'Resource id #3', for instance.

User browses to a new page ... in the same session.
no longer references a valid mysql resource.
print_r($_SESSION['connection']) yields '0'.

Other "ordinary" values saved in $_SESSION variables remain valid.

Is there something special about a mysql resource?

Not about the resource itself, no. PHP closes connections to a Db when a script ends, unless the connection is persistent, so while the resource
IS saved, the connection to which it refers no longer exists.

No resources (whether they are persistent or not) can be stored in the


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