Hi all.

We are wanting to create an app that contains multiple clients. Each clients 
has anywhere from 1 user to more than a hundred. We had the idea of separating 
each client into its own database schema. This reduces the single point of 
failure - if 1 client db dies, it doesn't kill the others. This keeps the 
individual schemas smaller, which will allow us to asynchronously (for lack of 
a better word) transfer our backups to our network w/o causing bottlenecks. It 
also guarantees the separation of data (even though the application takes care 
of this, it's *that extra step*).

Is it reasonable to create a new database per client? Or should we cluster 
several clients together (5-10) into a single database? What are the pros and 
cons of each? Note that some clients are *linked* and share data, so those 
would not be mutually exclusive. What is the maximum number of schemas per 
MySQL instance - I'm guessing this is based on the filesystem (RHEL)?

Thanks in advance,
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