Sara Leavitt wrote:
So I can see that using two connections for updating might get out of synch; however, mixing the connections should be OK for a series of SELECT queries on the read-only side of the application, right?

Yes  - if you are only reading already stored data there should not be a 


Lester Caine wrote:
Sara Leavitt wrote:
Hi Lester,

Our application is not using php transactions (e.g., COMMIT, ROLLBACK etc.), so I think we are safe there. Are you saying that even if both the mysql_pconnect and PDO connection are persistent that they will be completely separate? (Havn't had a chance to test this empirically just yet.)

Yes ... I'm not totally sure about how MySQL works by default, but having 'committed' data on one connection, one would need to refresh the other connection possibly to see that data. Firebird is a lot more manageable on transaction control, and basically data entered on on connection will not be visible on the other until properly committed. Having that activity hidden in the drivers can lead to a little 'confusion' as to what state data is actually in ....

Even just opening two connections via the MySQL driver will have the same effect.

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