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We have just launched a worldwide, multilingual petition at
http://helpmysql.org to get signatures to show the regulators in the
EU and other places that it's important that MySQL continues to be
available and developed as a strong Open Source product for all
database needs.

If you care about the future of MySQL as an Open Source product,
please go and sign the petition and tell others about it!

We are also searching for volunteers that can help us with gathering
names for the petition.  If you have a bit a spare time and think that
MySQL is worth saving, please join us on the #helpmysql IRC channel on
Freenode and help us with spreading the world and gather names!

You can make a real difference, wherever you are in the world! The
more names we are able to get, the higher the chance is that we can
keep MySQL free and available for all!

Don't be fooled by the empty promises Oracle have given about the
future of MySQL.  I examined them in my previous blog post at
and showed that Oracle is not really promising anything; Not even that
the Open Source version of MySQL will be developed further.

Thanks to everyone that helped us with the previous campaign. It was
of great help, but probably not enough, which is why we had to start
this new campaign to gather even more names.

This time we will be able to use the names to influence decisions
worldwide (not just in the EU) and we will get more public
attention. This will be far more powerful.

During the previous campaign there was a lot of discussions in
different medias about my incentives for driving it.

I have tried to answer most of these concerns in my latest blogpost:

Help us keep the Infrastructure of the Internet free!

Creator of MySQL

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