I am doing same thing with you,And I found the following may help:
   Zend framework has a package supporting Role based access
Maybe this can help you.

2010/1/26 Abah Joseph <joefa...@gmail.com>

> Hi list, thank to the wonderful people on this list.
> I am planning a system that require access to the system based on
> Role, i love the implementation in SMF(www.simplemachines.org) that
> every modules can define there own role and but i don`t know how.
> Users will be in group like Administrator, Editor, Manager etc (i have
> seen such on Joomla) and each module can define the action each group
> can perform e.g
> An advertisement module will define something like 'Can add', 'Can
> edit own', 'can edit any',  etc.. i am wondering what the database
> structure/PHP Class will look like.
> I found a database Schema on Access Control at
> http://www.databaseanswers.org/data_models/access_control/index.htm
> but i can`t figure out the implementation in PHP.
> Any idea will help.
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