On 3 February 2010 16:35, Karl DeSaulniers <k...@designdrumm.com> wrote:
> Any pointers on where I can find a sample locking script.
> I may have artists editing files and that would be great to have a
> locking of the file while an artist is working on it so no one over writes
> each other.
> LMK,
> Thanks,
> Karl
> On Feb 3, 2010, at 10:31 AM, Richard Quadling wrote:
>> If you have any writers, then you need to introduce a locking
>> mechanism or some other protection.
> Karl DeSaulniers
> Design Drumm
> http://designdrumm.com

Take a read at what started in
http://marc.info/?l=php-db&m=126444533212143&w=2 and

I mention using a simple directory as a lock.

You can implement it in any way you want though.

If you already have a mechanism to stop multiple users from editing
the same image via a DB, then use that, but just store the image
outside of the web root.

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