Vinay Kannan wrote:

I am currently using  php version 5.1.6 and now m thinking of upgrading, i
got php installed long time back using WAMP, i wanted to know if theres an
easy way to upgrade directly, without having to remove this version, i also
have a good number of databases, and it would be a pain, if i am required to
uninstall the current version of wamp and then reinstall the newer version.

There is no problem installing a new copy of PHP into it's own directory, and then changing your Apache httpd.conf to point to the new copy. Nothing else is affected by this, and it should be possible to switch between versions of PHP simply by restoring the old copy of httpd.conf.

The only thing to watch out for is where your php.ini file is being stored. httpd.conf an supply a location for this, but many WAMP setups simply use a copy in the c:\windows directory. If this is the case, then it is worth adding a PHPINIDir to the new httpd.conf pointing to a copy of php.ini in your new copy of PHP.

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