On Sunday 14 March 2010 12:26:13 Johnny Mac wrote:

I'm wondering how this would work? How would the person giving the 
presentation do it on a mailing list or forum or whatever else there could be?

> I would be interested. Sounds good
> Johnny Mac
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> Hi All,
> Few days back I have attended Ubuntu User day meeting. In that we had few
> important topics about Ubuntu and few people volunteered  the class and
> taught about Ubuntu like Installing Ubuntu, Command line and stuff like
> that. I was wondering if we could have the same thing for PHP. We can set
> few important topics and if someone is expert on that topic he/she can
>  teach that topic in the meeting just like a classroom. What say ppl? This
>  could be the best place for a beginner to learn about PHP stuff :)
> Let me know your thoughts about it?
> Best,
> Guru.

David M.
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