On 04/05/2010 09:03 PM, Karl DeSaulniers wrote:
> Hello List,
> I am hoping this will be a quick and easy for someone to help me with.
> I am trying to create an upload form that lets a user upload a product
> photo to the server.
> In the process of this upload, I want to take the file they are
> uploading and create two images to put on the server.
> Both are specific sizes. A large image and a thumbnail.
> I then want to throw away the file they uploaded.
> My question is what is the proper way to do the
> uploading/resizing/destroying?
> I have been toying with imagecopyresize, but it never works.
> I think I just have parameters out of order or something.
> Also, I would like to put a copyright on the side.
> I have been able to use imagestringup to do that,
> but it covers the image im placing it on with
> a transparent background and deletes the image.
> How do you duplicate an image with transparency?
> Or keep the transparency an image already has?
> Most grateful for any help, pointers, tuts.

Wrong mailing list.  But look at the example on the imagecopyresampled
doc page.


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