David Murphy wrote:
As you can see  PHP claims  it took 20 seconds for mysql->query() to return
but   mysql think is took around 1.0s

This is from our application I enabled profile in mysql to determine why an update took 20seconds. As
you can see  MySQL reported no where near that amount of duration took
place. Is there any way I can dig into php and determine why mysql client libs are
so slow (this is not using mysqlnd but  mysql-client-libs on CentOS using

Is this a one-off thing or is it happening all the time?

If it's a one-off thing it could be a spurious result (maybe someone else was doing a mysqldump when your query ran, the dump blocks your query)..

What sort of mysql table is it? if it's innodb you can try it in a transaction and roll it back:

update blah;

see how long it takes.

if it takes a short time in the mysql client, then try it in a php script from your other server.

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