must be kidding.. of course its a bug !!  The docs clearly state as "The
encryption returns binary string" and if you notice function discussed here
is for Decryption...

Refer :

It clearly says, "AES_DECRYPT() decrypts the encrypted string and returns
the original string."  If AES_DECRYPT returns plain string and UPPER, LOWER,
LCASE etc functions are accepting plain string as parameter then it must
behave the way Philip mentioned...  I personally spent 4-5 hours figuring
out what can I do to make it work right but nothing...  I want to apply it
in search functionality but data is encrypted using AES_ENCRYPT.. so after
decrypting when I try to bring both side of "=" in where condition to either
lower or upper in order to give broader search result, it gives nothing

So Yes !! It is a bug for sure !!

btw, Philip did you get any workaround for this problem ? As I have to limit
my search to exact case match as of now which I don't want..   Any suggeston


Roberto Mansfield wrote:
> The bug report is correct. This is not a bug. The docs clearly state at
> the top of the page:
>    The encryption and compression functions return binary strings.
> -Roberto
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