Hello All,
I have a product database. In that database there are several tables dealing with individual products. I am wanting to set up an editProduct and a productInfo page. For the bulk info, I am fine.
For the product options, I need some guidance.

I have 4 tables dealing with the options.

Product table = main product table where productID is set
Product Options table = table to store product option info. Where productID, optionID and OptionGroupID are stored together per ProductID.

Option Groups table = general option groups EG: Size, Color. Where OptionGroupID and OptionGroupName is set. Options table = general options EG: Large, Medium, Small, Red, Blue, etc. Where OptionID and OptionName is set per OptionGroupID.

Is there a way for me to call all these tables when adding a product? edit product? view product? I am new to MySQL queries, so I am not sure if I need a special query string to access them or if I need to set foreign keys and just call on one table, because for e.g., the product options table, the values are based off of values from other tables. What would be the best way about accessing these tables and their info in a streamline manner.
Short-hand if you will, if that is possible.


Karl DeSaulniers
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