On 5/13/10, Barry Zimmerman <barryzi...@googlemail.com> wrote:
> Its only happening in safari with the cookie not being set. It must be my
> cookie string that is the problem. I just cannot find anything on the issue.
> My other major issue is the fact that the session is being set when the post
> has not even been declared, its just setting the session?

I think it is a problem with the safari
And also check whether u r sending any html tags before ur sending the
cookies. The other case could be with ur browser
Goto preferences ->security->accept cookies in d browser and check the
button always and then exit browser
Now check that
 Regarding ur second problem session starting before posting the vales
it is might be coz of the old session that is existing whenu ran last
time so do some thing like delete all cookies and sessions from the
browser and try also make sure that u dont have a session start in the
database connection php file

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