session_start(); will not wipe clean the user's session so there is something else going on.

Does the login.html authentication script correctly set $_SESSION['username'] ?

Also, it has been my experience that code like isset($_SESSION['username']) is better if you replace it with array_key_exists('username',$_SESSION)

Barry Zimmerman wrote:
I have a problem with my system, not sure how I can fix this one. A user has
a log in page and takes them to different pages, now each of these pages has
a check to make sure they are logged in with the following code:

if (!(isset($_SESSION['username']) && $_SESSION['username'] != '')) {
header ("Location: login.html");

So if they are not logged in it redirects them to the log in page. No
problems there.

Now if a user is not logged in and comes back to that page, it starts the
session so giving them a session id and redirects them back to thge login
page. The problem I have is I do NOT want the session to start, I need them
to hit the log in page with no sessions there. I have tried all sorts but
just cannot get this to work.

I have tried adding this to the code.

if (!(isset($_SESSION['username']) && $_SESSION['username'] != '')) {
header ("Location: login.html");

But that did not work? Please I am stuck for ideas?

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