Hi my friend,i wrote two classed on is user,the other is db .The user
have a property which from the db class object .

When i writing my application have both class object invoked at the
same time ,just like
$user_a = new user($para);
$db_a = new db()

Then the problem occurs only one of the class object could work, or
$user_a or $db_a not both,What 's problem of my code

The following is my source code:

class db{
         * Constructor

        var $result;
        var $conn;

        function  db(){
                require_once BOC_BASE_DIR.'/config/db.config.inc';
                $this->conn = mysql_connect($db_host,$db_user,$db_pass);
                //$this->conn = @mysql_connect($db_host,$db_user,$db_pass);
                if (!$this->conn) {
                        $this->db_print_error("DB connect failed");

                if (!mysql_select_db($db_name,$this->conn)) {
                        $this->db_print_error("DB select failed");

class user{
        private         $u_sn;
        private         $u_id;
        private         $u_name;
        private         $u_sex;
        private         $u_image;

        //more property

        private         $u_info;

         * Constructor
        function __construct($name){
                $sql = "select * from boc_user where u_name = '$name'";
                $u_query = new db();
                $this->u_info = array();
                $this->u_info =$u_query->db_fetch_row();

                $this->u_sn = $this->u_info['u_sn'];
                $this->u_id = $this->u_info['u_id'];
                $this->u_name = $this->u_info['u_name'];
                $this->u_sex = $this->u_info['u_sex'];
               //more are give the property value


The two class works well in the single application when only of them
are invoked ,i cost me much time to deal it
Any advice and suggestions are thankful !

All you best
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