u can do one more thing, u need to get a public ip or a static ip from ur
ISP, this will make sure that u have a constant ip on ur machine so that it
can be accessed from anywhere..


On Wed, Jun 30, 2010 at 2:10 AM, Warren Vail <war...@vailtech.net> wrote:

> The IP you cited Is the IP provided by your router or modem, and not one
> others from "out side" can use to access your server.  Now on the other
> side
> of that, if you go to the machine that has the WAMP installed and open a
> browser and point it to "http://what.is.my.ip.com"; you may see the "public
> IP" for that machine, which can be used for linking to your server, but is
> not guaranteed to stay with that machine depending on powering up and down
> of your systems, and your ISP's procedures for assigning IP's.
> Hope this helps,
> Warren Vail
> Vail Systems Technology
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> Hi all,
> Thanks everyone. I just tried all of your suggestions and found that WAMP
> server is working by using the running WAMP server's system IP. I just
> typed
> in the address bar and its working now. So, I came to a
> conclusion that if I have a static IP then I can access it from out side as
> well right. Correct me if I am wrong ?? So, if I am right is it possible to
> run a server from home ??
> Best,
> Guru.
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