on 06/28/2010 11:42 AM gmail said the following:
> Hello to you all!
> I'm facing a problem with a scrip that can validate a form witch accept only
> as input email address.
> I have seen many scripts on the net and  were very interesting but I'm not
> able to implement those scripts on my need.
>  I'm explaining myself better!
> I have a form to collect a User Input Email address, 
> After a script to check the syntax of the user email is correct.
> Then check the mx record if really exist.
> At the end if the user input (email) meets all my requirements the pass it
> (store) in a DB.
> Please I'll be grateful   to all your possible solutions

You may want to use this email validation class that tries to check if
the e-mail is valid with the destination SMTP server.



Manuel Lemos

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