On 16/07/10 09:51, listread wrote:
On 7/15/2010 6:42 PM, Chris wrote:
On 16/07/10 09:38, listread wrote:
We need to load a page which performs some tasks specific to each
record, including writing some results to another table.

I have tried to place a page loading script within the while loop that
creates the table, but it seems to only load the page on the last record
in the table.

Is there a better way to do this?

Why does it need to call a page to do all the work? If it was just a
function call you'd be off and racing already.

The page I want to call is a little involved. It makes a geocode request
from Google Maps and then parses the resulting json code and then writes
the parsed data to another table. I guess it could be done with
functions, but the other page was already written... :-)

I guess you could do a file_get_contents on the url of the page.

If I call a function, will the while loop wait for the function to
complete before going to the next row?


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