Hi everyone!

I'm trying to put together a completely database driven site so I can learn how to do it...

I've gone to the extent of creating apache rewrite rules to redirect all non-existent files/folders to my script to see if it exists which works perfectly.

Where I'm running into trouble, is if I store the entire page inside the database, and inside that page I'm grabbing info from another part of the database how do I include that?

Such as:

pseudo -code:

//Display current page info
Grab current rate plans and prices from database
finish displaying page.

Now... It sounds easy enough but what I end up with on my page is:

echo <<
hosting info hosting info host info hosting info hosting info hosting info host info hosting info

Current Plans

include "hostingprices.php";

echo <<
More info about hosting


The only thing I changed was the actual text cause I didn't want to spam the list with my hosting schpeal :)

So how do I make that work? Any points in a direction? :)

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