I wrote the query below to determine the 10 most popular words used:

SELECT COUNT( `bible_concordance_usage`.`reference` ) AS word_usage,
`bible_concordance_words`.`reference` , `bible_concordance_words`.`word`
FROM `bible_concordance_usage`
INNER JOIN `bible_concordance_words` ON
`bible_concordance_usage`.`bible_concordance_words_reference` =
GROUP BY `bible_concordance_usage`.`bible_concordance_words_reference`
ORDER BY word_usage DESC, `bible_concordance_words`.`word` ASC,
`bible_concordance_usage`.`date_accessed` DESC

What I don't like about the results is that if 8 words have been used 5
times then the remaining 2 words the query chooses are from words used 4
times.  The results are in alphabetical order A to Z for the words used 5
times and back to A to Z for words used 4 times.

My question: is there a way to make my query above into a "sub query" and
have a main query order the results of the sub query "ORDER BY words ASC"
so all the words displayed are in alphabetical order?



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