On 20/10/10 09:55, Jimmy Sole wrote:
Hello everyone,

I'm having trouble executing a insert select query in PHP

Here is the code:

$exec = self::init()->prepare("INSERT INTO owners (f_name, l_name, username,
password, email, company, str_address,
                                                                city, state,
zip, phone, website, desc, categories)
                                            SELECT f_name, l_name, username,
password, email, company, street_address,
                                                   city, state, zip,
phone_number, website, description, categories FROM pending
                                            WHERE pid<>  '0'");

             if ($exec->execute() !== false) {
                 return true;
             } else {
                 throw new Exception("Error processing the query.");

Any help would be appreciated, as PDO is not returning an error or anything.

Doesn't look like it should - it looks like a valid query.

Check your database logs or even run the query inside a transaction (and rollback) to see if it errors.

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