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Thanks for your replies.

iMy appears to be only a client and I can already access servers with php on the iPhone web browser.

I would like MySQL on my iPhone. There was a way to make a jailbroke iPhone a MySQL server, but I'm not sure it is available any longer.

My immediate desire is to sync the iPhone's native contacts and, perhaps, the calendar with our online server over the internet. Preferably syncs would be "pushed".

With a Google Gmail account, you can already do just exactly that. Once set up, if you update your Gmail contacts, a minute or two later your iPhone contacts will be sync'd. It's supposed to work with the Google calendar, too, but I haven't tried it. It appears that Google is using a MS Exchange Server or similar. The setup in the iPhone uses the Exchange server settings. See http://www.google.com/mobile/sync/

The solution I'm looking for would be server side -- if not completely, in part. Again, it would be best to sync directly to the iPhone, but if the server would sync with the Google calendar and Google sync'd with the iPhone, that would be an acceptable 2nd choice.

Thanks again for your reply!

- Ron

On 10/23/2010 5:47 AM, Andrés G. Montañez wrote
Hi Ron, what's what you want to sync? Contacts? Or everything else?
You want to sync it over the internet? Or over wire?
You should research the iPhone API/SDK for sync;
and not focus with MySQL, wich is just an storage.


On 23 October 2010 03:09, Karl DeSaulniers<k...@designdrumm.com>  wrote:
I believe there is a MySQL for the iphone


You'd probably want o use JASON or an equiv. to talk back and forth with
your database and app.
At least thats the consensus I'm finding on posts about it.


On Oct 22, 2010, at 11:21 PM, listread wrote:

Hey all!

Does anyone know how to go about syncing a MySQL db with an iPhone over
the internet?

An alternative would be syncing with Google Contacts, which then could
sync with the iPhone.  I think Google Contacts uses Exchange Server to sync
with devices.


- Ron

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