At 02:56 PM 10/24/2010, Andrés G. Montañez wrote:
Hi Ethan,

fist you need to read the file, you could use the file() function
which reads the file as an array, being each line an element;
the you have to navigate the array and exploding the lines into an array:

$data = file('myfile.txt');

foreach ($data AS $row) {
  $row = explode("\n", trim($row));

And there you go.


On 24 October 2010 16:46, Ethan Rosenberg <> wrote:
> Dear list -
> Thanks for all your help.
> I have a tab delimited file which I wish to import into a data base. Â In
> MySQL I can use the LOAD DATA command. Â As far as I know, that command
> cannot be used in PHP as a mysqli_query. Â As I understand, I have to parse
> the file and use the INSERT command.
> How do I do it? Â Code samples, please.
> Thanks.
> Ethan
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Sorry for the delay.

Thanks.  With what you and Jayson sent,  it works beautifully.


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