Hello PHP Gurus,

I need your help on an insert query.

I wanted to know if there is way to insert an array of values into a DB. An
eg would explain this better :

If I have 2 tables in a DB, 1) users has 3 columns 2) hobbies = 5 columns

I was thinking of having a single function which will perform the insert on
any  insert which happens on the entire website.

Eg : This function can be called with 2 parameters, the first parameter the
table name, and the second parameter is an array of values which will be
inserted into the table.
eg : Users has these columns [1]ID [2] Name [3]Location
so the function call would be something like *
Does this make sense ? Is this a good method to follow ?

Thanks in advance !

Vinay Kannan.

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